Hey, where did my comfort zone go?

Making sense of the socio-technical mashup that is called the IT-world In an attempt to make sense of this world in general, and the IT-world in particular, we all use shortcuts and stereotypes. When joining a software consultancy company, I quickly learned that there is ‘business’ and ‘IT’, which are two very different things andContinue reading “Hey, where did my comfort zone go?”

Better Software Quality Requires Stronger Coding Skills

Your developers need formal training and certification Now that software affects almost every aspect of our lives, it’s easier than ever to see the importance of high-quality coding. And since coding is obviously a craft, such craftsmanship needs clear criteria to assess its quality. However, there seems to be no consensus about what software qualityContinue reading “Better Software Quality Requires Stronger Coding Skills”

Best Practices for Keeping You Out of the Headlines for a Data Breach

Lessons for All of Us Via Yahoo Unless you’re 10 years old and have never created an online account anywhere, there’s a good chance that your data has been in the hands of hackers at some point. Oh, especially if you’ve ever had a Yahoo account. In case you missed the news, Yahoo recently said that accountContinue reading “Best Practices for Keeping You Out of the Headlines for a Data Breach”