Strategic software delivery consultant by day, social scientist by night…

You can find me on stage at various tech conferences and meetups regularly. If you’re interested in socio-technical complexity, cognitive bias, heuristics and social dynamics that are influencing everything we create, check out some of my gigs that were recorded.

How cognitive bias and ranking can foster an ineffective architecture and design

FlowCon, November 2020

Increasing business value by embracing Domain-Driven Design

Webinar for Xebia Webinar week, May 2020

Tackling socio-technical complexity in the heart of your team

FlowCon, 2019

Socio-technical DDD: Essential Social Heuristics

DDD Europe, 2019

Socio-technical Software Development

NewCrafts Conference, 2019

Virtual DDD: Socio-technical architecture

with Ora Egozi Barzilai and Evelyn van Kelle, 2019

Maintaining architectural quality on software teams

O’Reilly SACon, 2018

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