Strategic software delivery consultant by day, social scientist by night…

You can find me on stage at various tech conferences and meetups regularly. If you’re interested in socio-technical complexity, cognitive bias, heuristics and social dynamics that are influencing everything we create, check out some of my gigs that were recorded.

Increasing business value by embracing Domain-Driven Design

Webinar for Xebia Webinar week, May 2020

Tackling socio-technical complexity in the heart of your team

FlowCon, 2019

Socio-technical DDD: Essential Social Heuristics

DDD Europe, 2019

Socio-technical Software Development

NewCrafts Conference, 2019

Virtual DDD: Socio-technical architecture

with Ora Egozi Barzilai and Evelyn van Kelle, 2019

Maintaining architectural quality on software teams

O’Reilly SACon, 2018

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