The value of sensemaking

Discovering and interpreting beliefs in groups By Paul de Raaij & Evelyn van Kelle Ever been part of a conversation that seemed to revolve around the same issue over and over again? Or a meeting where some people keep diving into details and others want to stay more high-level? As consultants, we often come acrossContinue reading “The value of sensemaking”

Systems Thinking: define the problem, results and behaviour

Great landing, wrong airport I read this phrase a while ago and it got to me. It fitted the projects I was working on. <Enter attentional bias>.  These organisations I was working with were building great solutions (technically). Unfortunately, not always what their customers were expecting. It confirmed for me that Systems Thinking is really important. Combined withContinue reading “Systems Thinking: define the problem, results and behaviour”

If something is too complex to understand, it must be wrong

Recently, I was invited for a podcast interview by my brilliant colleague João Rosa. It was my first podcast interview (yes I was excited and nervous), and it has been keeping my mind busy ever since I received that calendar invite. The idea was that we would discuss a heuristic and see where we’d endContinue reading “If something is too complex to understand, it must be wrong”