The value of sensemaking

Discovering and interpreting beliefs in groups By Paul de Raaij & Evelyn van Kelle Ever been part of a conversation that seemed to revolve around the same issue over and over again? Or a meeting where some people keep diving into details and others want to stay more high-level? As consultants, we often come acrossContinue reading “The value of sensemaking”

EventStorming as cultural assessment

We are on a quest… By João Rosa & Evelyn van Kelle As consultants, we are not only challenged by the technical challenges our customers face, but also how it affects the organisational structures and the culture. Based on our experiences, EventStorming is a great technique to expose the underlying cultural aspects of an organisation,Continue reading “EventStorming as cultural assessment”

Systems Thinking: define the problem, results and behaviour

Great landing, wrong airport I read this phrase a while ago and it got to me. It fitted the projects I was working on. <Enter attentional bias>.  These organisations I was working with were building great solutions (technically). Unfortunately, not always what their customers were expecting. It confirmed for me that Systems Thinking is really important. Combined withContinue reading “Systems Thinking: define the problem, results and behaviour”

What to do when you’re not seeing the forest for the trees?

Lessons from Lewis Carroll & Disney (and my dad) “When it gets too crowded in your head, write it down.” This is probably my most-used and all time favorite heuristic. I use it all the time. When I feel overwhelmed in a project I’m involved in, when I have to keep the overview of allContinue reading “What to do when you’re not seeing the forest for the trees?”

If something is too complex to understand, it must be wrong

Recently, I was invited for a podcast interview by my brilliant colleague João Rosa. It was my first podcast interview (yes I was excited and nervous), and it has been keeping my mind busy ever since I received that calendar invite. The idea was that we would discuss a heuristic and see where we’d endContinue reading “If something is too complex to understand, it must be wrong”

How my team manages to stay connected in times of isolation

The jokes must go on It sounds like a paradox. Contradictio in terminis, as the linguistic in me likes to put it. Staying connected in times of isolation. Now that most of us are working remotely, teams need to find ways to stay connected.  I’d like to think that times like these also bring opportunitiesContinue reading “How my team manages to stay connected in times of isolation”